Some Aspects of The Social Security System in The Republic of North Macedonia During Coronavirus Pandemic


Covid-19, Human Rights, Social Insurance, Social Rights.

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TODOROVA, B., & RADULOVIC, M. (2021). Some Aspects of The Social Security System in The Republic of North Macedonia During Coronavirus Pandemic. PRIZREN SOCIAL SCIENCE JOURNAL, 5(1), 86–89.


The 2020 coronavirus pandemic has lead North Macedonia into a serious social and economic crisis. The paper discusses the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the formulation of the national social security policy and legal framework, in line with international standards based on human rights treaties. Crucial social security measures in the country particularly give the pressure on health protection, unemployment, family and child support. 

The evaluation will focus on the adopted and new policy measures for social security. An important question is does the North Macedonian social security system is well established to protect workers from social risks during a pandemic. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some workers who lost jobs might rely on unemployment compensation. So, the focus of this paper is on the challenges of the social security system from large-scale disruptions such as COVID-19. 

The paper ends with a summary of the main policy measures and an outlook where further research is needed. It concludes that during and after the pandemic the social security policy will be more important than ever.


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