Publication Frequency

All articles in PSSJ are published in English. English translation is available, however, the author(s) should pay the cost of translation. 

PSSJ provides free language editing after successful review of a submission.  Proofs will be made available after layout and copy editing is completed. Authors’ corrections are accepted only by e-mail.

Approved articles will be initially published online at SUBMISSION and then will also be available in a print copy.

Each author, upon the publication of the print copy of the journal, will receive a Letter of Confirmation in English  Language and a copy of the journal. 


Publication Frequency

PRIZREN SOCIAL SCIENCE JOURNAL publishes three issues per year:

Submission Deadline for Volume 4, Issue 1, January – April 2020 is: 25 April 2020

Publication Date: 30 April 2020

Submission Deadline for Volume 4, Issue 2, May – August 2020 is: 25 August 2020

Publication Date: 31 August 2020

Submission Deadline for Volume 4, Issue 3, September – December 2020 is: 25 December 2020

Publication Date: 31 December 2020