Child Refugees in Europe


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YAZGAN HADZIBULIC, S. (2020). Child Refugees in Europe. PRIZREN SOCIAL SCIENCE JOURNAL, 4(2), 49–54.


This paper provides an overview of the literature on the current refugee crisis in Europe, which primarily focuses on the situation of refugees that are children. Due to its magnitude, the world is currently facing one of the biggest humanitarian crises it has ever witnessed. Millions of people and young children have fled their home countries and became refugees The horror of wars and conflicts has affected all of the refugees while undoubtedly, it has had a more profound and significant impact on the children refugees. The rights of these refugee children are paramount, and one of these rights is that they are provided with safety and resources that will help them cope with the crisis while also ensuring they are provided a chance to a brighter future.

The United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. The European Union and the whole world have a direct responsibility to provide basic necessities such as food, shelter, education, health which can help and alleviate the mental and emotional suffering which the refugee children face. My research will focus on three important aspects of the child refugees crisis in Europe The general conditions of the children refugees, the conditions of camps especially in Italy, Greece, and Spain, and how the crisis has affected their daily lives and mental health. In the end, my conclusion will focus on the question of, what are the policies which Europe has to change which are designed to help and lead the refugee children which to a better future
The aim of this paper to have a better understanding of children refugees in Europe and to raise global awareness about their conditions and the humanitarian crisis at hand. My research will consist of information from academic articles, published books, various websites, data from previous studies, and resources.


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