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TOTAJ, G. (2019). Characters in Fatos Kongoli Novel. PRIZREN SOCIAL SCIENCE JOURNAL, 3(2), 56-60.


The greater philosopher,Aristotle,dealing with the characters would have said that “due to the fact that they imitate, they imitate acting people, and these people will, of course, be good or evil because characters almost always follow these two peculiarities and it is known that the difference of the character of all the people is done by the good or the evil”. Even though in the novels of our author, Fatos Kongoli, no such traditional line is followed, such distinction is perceptible in every literature and at any time, and of course, in the novels, we are analyzing. Literary scholar Anton Berisha says that "literary character is an important component element, especially of epic creations, may they be prose or poetry”. Berisha also adds that "they are known extremely successful realizations of the characters in the traditional novel, but also in contemporary and generally modern characters, are noteworthy, but also we do not miss the lyrical characters through which the subjective world is introduced.

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