Erotical Signs in The Poetry of Ismail Kadare


Poetry, Kadare, love, signs, figure, poet, structure, verse, aspect, erosion, devotion, sublimation, heart, eyes, soul, flower, wax.

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AVDYLI, M. N. (2019). Erotical Signs in The Poetry of Ismail Kadare. PRIZREN SOCIAL SCIENCE JOURNAL, 3(2), 27-31.


The motive of love, not only Kadare's poetry, but generally throughout the contemporary Albanian and world poetry, is one of the fundamental, general and extremely universal motifs. Such a motive has also prompted the poet Kadare to write poems that propose the aesthetics of one of the most general motives of man - the motive of love. The first and the first love in the verses of Kadare is described and emerges as a part of human life and as such comes out of special dimensions. Kadare, being a good builder of a full and complete poetry, would say, even if his poetry, if we can say erotic, we have a remarkable use of such signs, although in general the poetry of love does not occupy any remarkable place in Kadare's poetry, naturally in comparison to the poetry of other motifs, though it is quite manifested.

But, however, love in Kadare's poetry marks, among other things, a particular poetic word in general, and even in this regard, it is also a multiple pluralist expression, using words, expressions and figures unused by others, also giving different words and meanings, from everyday life, to various functions, marking high aesthetic and literary uplift, but also figurative. He is a good builder of various artistic figures, an innovator of creating new words and expressions, and a sublimant of the ideas he poses and realizes in his poetry.

Although it is a whole set of signs that Kadare uses in his poems, which are motivated by the feeling of love, we will in this case stop the signs he uses most, as well as those signs which make a special significance for his poetry. On this occasion, we will dwell on the signs, coinciding with the poetry, which appears as a poem of love, and which in Kadare occupies a place, though not deserved, we would say, like love, moon, flower, bride , the heart, the lips, the eyes, the cheeks, the throat, the heart, the soul. There are also a number of other signs that reinforce and sublimate the poetic ideas of Kadare's love motifs, but we believe that these are the signs that strengthen our conviction of the artistic achievement of his poetry as well as those that make up innovation in Albanian poetry generally, whether in terms of poetry, or in terms of the breadth of poetic figuration.

Key words:  Poetry, Kadare,  Love,  Signs,  Figure,  Poet,  Structure,  Verse,  Aspect,  Erosion,  Devotion,  Sublimation,  Heart,  Eyes,  Soul,  Flower, Wax.


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