Participation of Women in the Conduct of Companies


Economic, management, businesses, structure of SME, Developmet

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Krasniqi, D. (2019). Participation of Women in the Conduct of Companies. PRIZREN SOCIAL SCIENCE JOURNAL, 3(1), 32-37.


The structure of the business owners who own firms is an important indicator and gender is treated in terms of business founders, their age group and level of education and professional training for business management.

In any economy with market gender structure of owners of firms in business is analyzed and treated with the utmost care, with the aim in this field are performed equal gender rights and to support equal access to opportunities for establishing new businesses

Gender structure of the owners of enterprises is an important element in analyzing and monitoring the activities of enterprises. Although in our country women's participation in the leadership of enterprises its small, in recent years has been seen an increase of female participation in the registration of enterprises.

The purpose of this research is to produce results relevant to the current situation, structure, problems, difficulties, and to measure the trend of development of micro, small and medium enterprises, to determine the criteria and advanced recommendations for the possibility of supporting the development of them.

Analysis of obstacles and difficulties for business development including: a lack of qualified staff, lack of training in various areas, the lack of market, using modern equipment, workspace, physical infrastructure, transportation, finance, legal, economic and fiscal policies, offer the possibility of analysis, creation and research methods and methodologies to support small enterprises and medium enterprises in our country.

Key words: Economic, Management, Businesses, Structure of SME, Developmet.


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