A Women in The Labour Market and Decision Making in Kosovo


Women, Labor Market, Decision Making, Kosovo

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Arapi, D., Vardari, L., & Gashi, R. (2018). A Women in The Labour Market and Decision Making in Kosovo. PRIZREN SOCIAL SCIENCE JOURNAL, 1(1), 15–29. Retrieved from https://prizrenjournal.com/index.php/PSSJ/article/view/6


Gender equality is defined as a prerequisite for European integration and as such the Action Plan for European Partnership is listed on Political Criteria. The Government of Kosovo in April 2008 approved the Kosovo Program for Gender Equality GENERAL six goals and eight specific objectives. With this objective case for women in the labor market and decision-making requires a greater commitment of all stakeholders.

This study provides an overview of the rough that evaluates the legal framework and cross-sectoral policies and positioning of women in conformity with their school preparation in decision-making positions. Economic independence remains as one of the main key to the realization of the equal right to decision-making positions. Although Kosovo with gender representation in decision-making level of the seventeenth in the world counted in the labor market situation remains a challenge that requires a great commitment to the local factor and even international.

Therefore, the research enables the opening of discussions, improving the working environment and the implementation of the Action Plan for Empowering Women in Economy as a key factor of the welfare of family and society.

Key words: Women, Labor Market, Decision Making, Kosovo



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