The Migration Policy of Iran And Turkey from Past to Present and Migration Governance in the Context of Migrants


Migration, Migration Management, Migration Governance, Iran, Turkey.

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KARADAL, K., CHAYCHI SEMSARI, M., & KESKİN, O. (2021). The Migration Policy of Iran And Turkey from Past to Present and Migration Governance in the Context of Migrants: Iran and Turkey from Past to Present and Migration Governance in the Context of Migrants. PRIZREN SOCIAL SCIENCE JOURNAL, 5(2), 83-92.


The phenomenon of migration has been one of the important factors affecting and shaping the lives of countries and societies throughout history. In this respect, the evolution of immigration in its historical process has become a policy that is more carefully followed by countries today. So much so that the phenomenon of immigration has ceased to be based simply on economy around the world and has become a threat to the security of countries with the change of migration trends.


In every period of its history, Iran and Turkey have been a country of immigration for various reasons. Migration management and humanitarian fields are discussed in the article. In recent years, the issue of migration has been increasingly on the international agenda and is now seen as a very important issue for all governments; In terms of Iran, immigration management has become an issue that needs to be dealt with comprehensively and systematically in recent years for immigrants from countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, and for Turkey, those coming from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. As a result of the intensification of migration movements in the world, the two countries have become more sensitive to the issue of migration in order to improve their migration management and make the necessary arrangements. In this study, migration management, migration governance, migration and development, regulation of migration, social integration approaches and models of immigrants are examined under two separate headings. The relationship between the mother country Iran and Turkey, immigration and identity policies in this area will be read and the consequences of this process on the immigration policies of these countries and its impact on countries will be examined and analyzed.


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