Technical Parts For Application E-Procurement in the Republic of Kosovo


Government Electronic Procurement, Internet, electronic identification (ID), management.

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Hajdari, B. (2018). Technical Parts For Application E-Procurement in the Republic of Kosovo. PRIZREN SOCIAL SCIENCE JOURNAL, 2(1), 96–108. Retrieved from


Electronic procurement in the Republic of Kosovo has begun in 2012, had it not been for the accomplishment goals and development and implementation of electronic procurement in the Republic of Kosovo fully realized. e-Procurement is not only the publication of procurement results, but is a reflection of a defined legal process on procurement. The Internet are presented records of all claims, also via the Internet can be sent to all offers.

Research: Through management system throughout the procurement process electronically will enable the preservation of technical and financial evaluation of bids. Thus, the presentation of this process in a transparent manner increases the reliability and efficiency.

Method: Also through the management system of this process, according to the rights defined by law, each party can see the appeal process and remotely via the Internet. Implementation of e-procurement will enable the removal of barriers that were presented earlier, increasing the confidence of all parties involved. Access will be granted to all interested parties by allowing the approaches to the law, while in the case of restrictions should use electronic identification (e-ID).

Result: The categorization of approaches will be for each separately, including contracting authority, contractors, bidders, complainers, the proxies of budgetary units, auditors and other categories defined under applicable laws. Security of information in e-procurement will be the maximum. As with any other service access to e-procurement will be provided through the state portal.

Key words: Government Electronic Procurement, Internet, electronic identification (ID), management.



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