Management and Quality of Services in Pristina’s Hotelier Industry


Tourist Production
Guest Turism
Resort Entity
Total quality Management

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Hasanaj, P., Kuqi, B., & Ahmetaj, B. (2018). Management and Quality of Services in Pristina’s Hotelier Industry. PRIZREN SOCIAL SCIENCE JOURNAL, 2(1), 52-71. Retrieved from


Management of tourism hotel industry and especially the quality of services in hotel industry are important and successful factors of business.

The concept of quality of service is essential if we wish to understand the genesis of service quality and potential gaps in quality. The purpose of this paper is to show the importance of service quality in the hotel industry from the standpoint of conceptual and description attributes influencing this quality.

Today to manage the industry of tourism and hotelier in a more efficient and effective way means to take a step towards the country's economic growth, boost employment at satisfactory levels and welfare of the population. This management is a positive publicity for the country and attracting tourists who bring more income and new social and cultural cooperation.

Key words: Quality, Tourist Production, Service, Guest-Tourist, Resort Entity, Total Quality Management.



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