Optic Fibers as a Broadcasting Media


Broadcast, Medium, Information, Optic Fiber

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Fast brodcasting of an information is always a challange from our daily activities. Through fast broadcasting of the information always created pre-eminence in military activities, business, researching, etc. From ancient times we know that information was orally and hand in hand broadcasted which in most of the times casused in loss of information and due to this also in loss of activities which are mentioned above.

Due to information technology notably computer networks and internet overtime information started broadcasting faster. Information started broadcasting through copper wires and through wireless. Big applications started to develop with the increased use of Internet, high quality broadcasting (HD), video on demand broadcasting (VoD), triple pay broadcasting (three services on a medium), etc., then these two mediums couldn’t complete all these requests.

Therfore after these problems, optic fiber began to be used as a broadcasting medium which eleminated all the defects of other mediums. Importance of this paper work is telling developing stages of optic fiber, it’s characteristics and it’s losses. Then it is shown that which devises enforce the signal of fibers and in the end all three mediums that we mentioned are compared on the basis of attributes.

Findings form the paper will only enforce that knowledge we had before about optic fiber, the best broadcasting medium.

Key words: Broadcast, Medium, Information, Optic Fiber, etc.



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