Evaluation of Kosovo Primary Education Programs in Terms of Cultural Diversit


Primary education, Cultural diversity, Teacher, Evaluation, Kosovo.

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Kervan, S. (2018). Evaluation of Kosovo Primary Education Programs in Terms of Cultural Diversit. PRIZREN SOCIAL SCIENCE JOURNAL, 1(1), 67-73. Retrieved from https://prizrenjournal.com/index.php/PSSJ/article/view/12


Communities that have lived together for a long time have used the same language and created a number of common values. All of these common values ​​constitute the cult of that community. Culture is a complex phenomenon that reflects the ways in which a nation solves its problems, the ways in which it interacts with each other and with others, and the way they think (Naylor, 1996). This research was conducted by teachers 1-5. the structure of the class curricula and their impact on student achievement is determined by a semi-structured interview form, so it is a qualitative research based on the cause-and-effect relationship. The universe of this research is the class teachers who work in the primary schools in the cities where different mother-tongue education is provided in Kosovo.

According to the teachers 'views, the influences of the programs applied for different cultures on the students' success were determined as meaningful differences in the age, education level, teaching language of the teachers and whether or not they were educated in different mother tongues in the same school.

Key words: Primary education, Cultural diversity, Teacher, Evaluation, Kosovo.



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