Plato`'s Ideas on Poetry


Plato, aesthetics, poetry, idea, the beauty, ideal, philosophy, time, creation, culture, imitation, dialogue, literature

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AVDYLI, M. N. (2019). Plato`’s Ideas on Poetry. PRIZREN SOCIAL SCIENCE JOURNAL, 3(3), 67-70.


In his most important and most voluminous creation “The State” (Republic, Politeia), Plato included the most characteristically philosophical concepts which were an expression of his interests. Apart various fields of teaching, such metaphysics, theology, ethics, psychology, pedagogy, State system, which result from this creation, art and poetry could not go without being included as well (including the music). Otherwise, the Plato himself, in young age, except with mathematics he also dealt with poetry by believing that he is going to be more dedicated to it. But, it seems that acquaintance with the Socrates since he was 20 years old changed his mind and he was fully committed to the philosophy. His general philosophical reviews sublimating his philosophical ideas, which arise on the basis of the idea, as an alpha and omega of every human been in the world, took Plato away from poetry by making him more and more torrential in philosophy and more and more critical, even more cynical towards the poetry.

Key words: Plato, Aesthetics, Poetry, Idea, The beauty, Ideal, Philosophy, Time, Creation, Culture, Imitation, Dialogue, Literature.


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