Relations Between Central Government and Local Government in Kosovo


Authorizations, Central Govenrment Consitution Competences Decentralization Local Government Local governance Power

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BAJRAMI, I. (2019). Relations Between Central Government and Local Government in Kosovo. PRIZREN SOCIAL SCIENCE JOURNAL, 3(2), 100-106.


This paper represents a model attempt to shed light on institutional relations between two levels of power in the Republic of Kosovo. The wide range of legal acts concerned with the regulation of the reports between Central and Legal Government in Kosovo, comprise a legal system containing complex set of rules which define the share of power, competences and the authority of these two levels. As such, this paper is an attempt to investigate and analyze the complex set of legal and institutional mechanisms referring to relations between these two levels of power.

The paper follows a set of approaches and methods such as comparative and analytical method, descriptive, empirical  and historical method in order to cover as much aspects and elements of the relations between two levels of power in Kosovo.

Key words: Authorizations, Central Govenrment, Consitution, Competences, Decentralization, Local Government, Local governance, Power.


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