The New Strategic Plan in Kosovo to Implement a Health Insurance Scheme


health insurance scheme of Kosovo, new social implementation, health categories of benefiting.

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Degjoni, R., Kurti Jaha, R., & Brika Haxhiu, L. (2018). The New Strategic Plan in Kosovo to Implement a Health Insurance Scheme. PRIZREN SOCIAL SCIENCE JOURNAL, 2(1), 109-115. Retrieved from


This abstract is to provide a concise description of the new strategy of implementation of social health insurance scheme in Kosovo. The health insurance scheme in Kosovo does not exist yet but in April 2014, the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo approved the Law on Health Insurance. The purpose of this law is to ensure the universal access of citizens and residents of the Republic of Kosovo to quality health care services, with the aim of improving health indicators and providing financial protection from poverty due to the high costs of health care through establishment and regulation of the public health insurance system. This law regulates the establishment, organization, functioning, and financing of the public health insurance system; as well as the rights and obligations of the parties involved. The fundamental principles of this law will be transparency, sustainability, equality of citizens and residents of Kosovo, accountability, universal access to health services, solidarity, reciprocity, individual responsibility, easy access, efficiency and protection against financial risks.  the scheme will evolved gradually, with different expanding the range of the covered services throught shifting from undifferentiated funding to payment for health services packages in Kosovo. From the beginning of the year 2017, the Ministry of Health of Kosovo takes the decisions to start the new strategic plan in Kosovo to implement a health insurance scheme and to change the mechanisms of the health care system in Kosovo and to build a new insurance scheme. The new health insurance scheme will covers the primary health care services, the hospitals services and the list of reimbursamble drugs.

This abstract proposes which are the the new strategic plans to implement the principles on which the health insurance scheme wills base in Kososvo. Which are all the categories benefiting from the health insurance scheme and which are the amount of compulsory health insurance contribution. In brief, the current situation of health system in Kosovo includes problems and missing of health financing. These proposals in this abstract are ambitious and require detailed implementation of social health insurance scheme and planning for the Kososvo population how to be insured in the health sector of Kosovo.

Key words: Health Insurance Scheme Of Kosovo, New Social Implementation, Health Categories Of Benefiting.



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